Download / Save Plans, Addenda & Specs: Members can download / save all the project documents on to their own computers.

Search & View: Members can find all the information online about the project including the project details, plans, specs, addenda & bidders lists.

Printing: Members have 3 ways to get physical paper copies of the project information:

  1. Submit a request from the online system for the documents you want; we will print the documents for you. You can pick up the drawings or we can courier them to you on your account.
  2. Members can download the documents to their computer and print plans from their own system (printers vary for document size). Sending documents to a 3rd party other than the NOCA for printing is not permitted.
  3. After viewing the documents online, the member has the option of coming in to the NOCA office to request paper copies.

Subscriptions for Automatic Email for Updates: Members can mark the projects they want to control and they will automatically receive all updates and changes to those projects without having to manually check for changes.

Public & Private Projects: Members have access to all projects in public areas and have the ability to host private projects in the On Demand system. On Demand allows them to make quick work of sending to their invited subtrades!

Import & Export (database) Active Projects: Members can export project information to a .csv file which in turn can be imported to any custom control application.

Sharing Documents: Your organization must agree that the information gathered from the EPR will be used solely by you and that you will not copy, transfer or reproduce any of the information for any other purpose.